Seniors 2023-24 College Application Resources

Here are resources to assist students with college applications and financial aid. We will be updating this regularly to share with you and try to help provide as many resources as possible. Students should be checking their Counselor Teams Tile for all resources, meeting links and dates.

Video Tutorial on Completing your Fresno City College Application

CSU Application Assistance

The California State University CSU Application opens on October 1 and is due November 30. All FUSD students should link their college applications to their California College accounts.

Please attend a CSU Workshops and make sure you have a BHS counselor check your application before you submit.

Below are some links to some documents that can assist you in completing you CSU application. Please launch your application from California Colleges so you are able to upload all your coursework and do not have to hand enter your courses. This can be done by logging into and then clicking on Colleges and California State University. Please attend a CSU workshop Oct 3, 4 or 5, , meet with a counselor at lunch on Wednesdays in the counseling office, make an appointment with a counselor and definitely have a counselor check your app before you submit! Most CSU apps are due Nov. 30.

Some more info about CSU college applications can be found in the documents below.

Fresno State Webinars & Assistance

Alicia will be at BHS every Tuesday & Thursday from 8am-3pm.

University of California (UC) Application Support

University of California website & Link to Application:

Step by Step Application video support:

Information about Personal Insight Questions:

Contact your counselor or come to the Application support drop-in, Wednesday at lunch in the counseling office.

Fresno City College/Clovis Community Application Support

Application workshops will be held on Sept. 28-29 in Government/Economics classes or by assignment.

Fresno City College Ambassadors are at BHS on Wednsdays.

How to sign up to receiving Services in Community College through the DSPS Department

Seniors, if you currently have a 504 or IEP plan or a documented disability you are likely eligible to receive services and accommodations in college but you must apply for these services. Fresno City College will be contacting students to set up appointment to assist you in setting up DSPS services.

If you have any questions or need support please feel free to contact your counselor or go to the Fresno City College or Clovis Community College DSPS website.

DSPS Fresno City College Website:

DSPS Clovis Community College Website