College Admissions

Student who want to attend a 4 year University need to meet the A-G requirements. These requirements are minimum requirements, in order to be more competitive when applying it is recommended that students exceed the minimum requirements. Students must earn a C or better in these courses as well as take the SAT or ACT exams.

A. History- 2 years, 1 World History and 1 US History
B. English Language Arts – 4 years
C. Math – 3 years, 4 recommended – Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2
D. Lab Science- 1 year Physical, 1 year Biological
E. Foreign Language- 2 years same language, 3 years recommended
F. Visual/Performing Art- 1 year
G. College Prep Elective- 1 year

a-g approved course list for Bullard High School:

University of California (UC)

The University of California system is one of the two public four-year University institutions in California. There are nine undergraduate campuses to choose from including:
Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Santa CruzStudents applying for Fall 2022 need to submit their UC Application online between October 1-November 30.

UC Financial Aid Planner

UC Personal Insight Questions

UC Test Requirements

UC Application

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Start here:

California State University (CSU)

The California State University (CSU) system is one of two public four-year University institutions in California. There are 23 CSU campuses to choose from including:
Bakersfield, Channel Islands, Chico, Dominguez Hills, East Bay, Fresno, Fullerton, Humboldt, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Maritime Academy, Monterey Bay, Northridge, Pomona, Sacramento, San Bernadino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, San Luis Obispo, San Marcos, Sonoma, and Stanislaus.

Go to to link to all campus websites and to compare CSU campuses.

Some CSU campuses and/or majors are impacted and therefore may require additional course work or a higher threshold for entrance. Look here for a list of impacted campuses and majors:

CSU Impacted Programs Matrix

CSU Information & Resources (October 1-November 30)
CSU Apply CSU Application:
CSU Mentor Campus Information:
California State University Fresno

Community College

All students can attend a community college. There are multiple paths for community college students including, preparing students to transfer to a 4 year institution or technical training including over 100 vocational and academic programs earning Associates degrees or certificates. Both Fresno City College and Clovis Community offer Honors Programs for qualified students with perks such as priority registration, accelerated curriculum, counseling and recognition when applying to four-year Universities.

There are several steps to fully matriculate to a community college including application, online orientation, and registration. All steps will be offered at Bullard High School throughout the school year.

There is one application for Fresno, Clovis, Reedley, Madera, and Oakhurst, Students can attend any of these campuses.

Fresno City College:
Clovis Community College:
Fresno City College Rep, Kyle is at Bullard Thursdays 9:00-2:00
sign up in the Counseling Office to see him.

Need to complete the following steps, in order to go to the next step:
– Application (September on)
– Orientation (December)
– Registration (April)
Fresno City/Clovis Community Honors Program
Fresno City College Honors
Clovis Community College Honors
Technical School Search

Private & Independent Colleges

There are 77 private and independent four year colleges in California. There are also private community colleges. They vary in size prestige and cost. Below are some resources for private and independent colleges. Many college use the common application and students may require an essay and/or letters of recommendation from a teacher and counselor. If you need to request a letter of recommendation it is highly recommended you give you teacher or counselor a minimum of 4 weeks to complete if possible. Please see your counselor for a letter of recommendation questionnaire.

Fresno Pacific
Independent/Private Colleges in California
Common Application for Private Colleges

Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU)

HBCUs are a wonderful option for any student including academics, diversity, supportive community, affordability, and alumni and networking.

Click here for more information about HBCUs.

White House Initiative on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity through Historically Black Colleges and Universities

This site includes more information about HBCUs as well as a links to all HBCU Colleges & Universities: