Class of 2017

College Application and Financial Aid Support
Student Support During the School Day

September 14: Quest Bridge Scholarship Application Workshop at Lunch in B18
Sept 19-20: Senior Presentations by counselors in Gov/Econ classes
Sept 21-22: Fresno City College application workshops (students sign up during Senior Presentations)
October 5: Common Application Workshop at Lunch in B18
October 18: CSU, UC, Common App, Fresno City College Application Workshops (through Gov/Econ classes)
October 19: 8:30-12:30 PSAT Day: Senior College Application Support and FAFSA/FSA ID workshops
November 2, 9, 16: Lunchtime drop in application support in B18
November 30 (CSU/UC deadline): College Application Support in N21 all day
December 6 & 8: Fresno City College Online Orientation workshops during school day
March 28-29: Fresno City College on campus for student advising

  • Fresno City College Ambassador Tasha is on campus in N21 Wednesdays 9:00-2:00 until December
  • CSU Ambassador Dia on campus in N21 Monday-Friday 8:00-12:00

Parent Information Nights:
September 12: Senior Parent Night during Back to School Knight 5:30-6:00 in Bullard Theatre
September 22: FAFSA Information Night 6:00 BHS Cafeteria
October 4: Cash 4 College FAFSA Assistance 6:00 BHS Cafeteria
November 3: Scholarship Information Night 6:00 BHS Cafeteria

FAFSA Information Sessions at other sites:
September 20: 6:00 Fresno High Library/Media Center
September 21: 6:00 McLane Library
September 26: 6:00 Hoover cafeteria
September 27: 6:00 Design Science Fresno City College Health Science Bldg. Rm 270
September 28: 6:00 Roosevelt Library
September 29: 6:00 Duncan Library

Cash for College FAFSA Workshops at other sites:
October 11: 6:00 Fresno High Library Media Center
October 12: 6:00 McLane Library
October 17: 6:00 Sunnyside Theater
October 18: 6:00 Design Science at Fresno City College Health Science Room 270